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ResInt has emerged as a unique boutique research organization delivering custom research to meet clients’ specific needs. With global experience, we operate in most of the nations in Asia, and we are growing. We stand out because the core team includes some of the most highly skilled researchers, analysts and thought leaders. We bring a unique blend of research and evaluation rigor, and program expertise with genuine local sensitivity.

We collaborate with think tanks, academics, and program visionaries to help our clients design, implement, and assess programs.

We assist companies, donors, and not-for-profit agencies to complete their projects by providing critical quantitative and qualitative research and analysis at all stages of the project cycle. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) are a priority to us.

  • Monitoring and evaluation services
  • Research solutions in programs & interventions
  • Polling and associated research and insights
  • Market, media, and consumer research

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