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ResInt has brought together leading Asian, North American and European researchers, analysts, program specialists, and communications specialists.

Their local experience, global knowledge base, and most importantly, sensitivity to the research issues and informants can help you to implement, analyze, and summarize research outputs in most actionable form. Our team continuously engage in training, academic paper writing, sharing of knowledge and experience through conferences in order to stay on top of the evolving dynamics of the issues and relevant stakeholders.

The Principals and Associates of ResInt are among the most experienced researchers, writers, and thought leaders. They are highly skilled and have collectively decades of experience.


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Owen Lippert Ph.D.

Technical Advisor, Canada

Santosh Shrestha

President, Advertising Association of Nepal,
Advisor Nepal

Professor S. Saad Andaleeb Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Vice Chancellor, BRAC University, Bangladesh
Advisor, ResInt Research Review

Professor Russell Belk Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Professor
Schulich School of Business
York University, Canada
Advisor, ResInt Research Review

Professor Jeff French Ph.D.

CEO of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd, UK
Advisor, ResInt Research Review

Al Ries

Author and Father of Positioning Concept
Chairman of Ries & Ries, USA
Advisor, ResInt Research Review

Professor B. Murali Manohar Ph.D.

Senior Professor, VIT Business School
VIT University, India
Advisor, ResInt Research Review

Kabir Ahmed Ph.D.

Technical Advisor, USA

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Core Team

Khalid Hasan Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer, Canada

Zulfiqar Ahmed

Chief Marketing Officer &
Country Representative Bangladesh

George McLeod

Vice President
Global Business Development, Canada

Mani Raj Dahal

Country Representative Nepal

Shiraz Latiff

Country Representative Sri Lanka

Hiroto Ebata

Country Representative Japan

Tawfique Ahmed

Head of Social Research

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Research, Operations & Analytics

Sayed Sarwer Hussain

Research Director, Bangladesh


Project Director, Bangladesh

Mostafizur Rahman

Senior Research Manager

Liton Francis Corraya

Manager Field Operations, Bangladesh

Lakshini Kurukulasooriya

Project Director ResInt Sri Lanka

Vindhya Wijesuriya

Project Manager ResInt Sri Lanka

Ahmed Shafiqur Rahman Ph.D.

Public Health & Nutrition Expert

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IT, Finance & Human Resource

Abid Hasan

Social and Digital Media Coordinator

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