Our Philosophy

The Thought

Information is infinite and random. Knowledge is cumulative and orderly; it leads to decisions, and actions. Our promise to you, the Client, is to help you to organize both the information and the knowledge you need to make the best decisions possible to guide informed actions, leading to positive results. Our people work for your success.

The Goal

To offer superior quality research and analysis at a competitive price that suits a client’s budget, without compromising quality.

The Reality

ResInt engages top Asian, Canadian, American and European researchers, analysts, and program and subject specialists for each survey, opinion poll, exploratory studies, and M&E initiatives. We invest our resources in people, not bricks and mortar.

We carry out research and consultancy maintaining the highest ethical standard, with sensitivity and respect to all stakeholders in the process. We ensure our contracted experts have no conflict of interest issues. We consider each research issue in its unique context, and design studies and data collection tools and methods considering the ethno-cultural sensitivities.

As a registered Canadian company, we are compliant for the quality of our work under the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

We never stop learning

Our strong ties to cutting edge research methods and practitioners!

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