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ResInt Research Review is a biannual research journal of ResInt Canada, effective July 2017. The journal will publish articles, cases, and reviews by leading academics, researchers, and business thought leaders working in the areas of, but not limited to, marketing, research, strategy, communication, branding, pricing, distribution, sales, and leadership.

The purpose of the journal is to be the source of thought-provoking new and original ideas from contributors around the world. Its aim is to guide professionals towards achieving sustainable business growth via modern, effective techniques. It further emphasizes the deeper causal relationships between the different aspects of business, such as income generation and distribution, social intervention and impact, productivity and empowerment, and values and lifestyle, that may impact quality of life.

Contributors are invited to send in their articles anytime for the upcoming issue of ResInt Research Review. Articles should be 3,000 words or less, and may include graphs, tables and/or pictures. For consistency, articles should be written and cited according to APA style provided at the following link:

Please contact the journal's Editor, Dr. Khalid Hasan at

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