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Thompson Ayodele

Tawfique Ahmed

Head of Social Research

Tawfique Ahmed has been the Executive Director of Bangladesh’s pioneering marketing research agency. As a top methodologist, he has been the principal researcher and pivotal in designing many large scale surveys, experimental designs, and M&E studies for brand marketing, advertising, and development program intervention and communication. He is highly reputed for his incisive analysis and presentation skills.

In the marketing research field, he has designed and implemented the whole spectrum from usage and attitude study, market construction and segmentation studies, concept/product development studies, advertising pre-testing and evaluation studies, marketing campaign evaluation studies, and media habit studies. His clients have been MNCs like Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and Standard Chartered Bank.

Aside from being a top marketing researcher, he carried out a large number of researches, and M&E studies for social marketing companies, international development organizations and INGO’s.

He has vast experience of carrying out research work for child focused intervention programs especially funded by UNICEF. His research, tracking studies, and M&E work involves child labour, basic education, nutrition, and health and hygiene with an overarching gender focus. His research designs focused on reaching hard to reach children in slums, coastal and flood prone areas, and tribal belts in mountain areas. He has also worked with Bangladesh police to study children coming in contact with crime and law, and child trafficking. He has carried out research on BCC related studies on early childhood development and M&E studies for Bangladeshi adaptation of the Sesame Street.

He has also designed and carried out a large number of public health, contraception use, and HIV/AIDS related studies especially among identified high risk population. He has vast experience of carrying out research studies among highly sensitive population in the local cultural context like injection drug users, MSM, sex workers and their clients. The major clients he worked for include CARE, The Global Fund, Family Health International, Marie Stopes Clinic Society, GTZ, and SMC. Rapid Situation Assessment studies, baseline surveys, and M&E of program interventions were his core focus.

Tawfique, a prolific researcher with over 17 years of research design, data analysis, and report generation experience, has trained a new breed of researchers, and taught research methodology at universities.

He is a business graduate with an MBA, and an MPH with focus in Epidemiology.

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