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Sayed Sarwer Hussain

Md. Wahiduzzaman

Project Director

Wahiduzaman is the Project Director at ResInt Bangladesh and has had long experiences in projects on health and nutrition. He has vast research experiences with global organizations including GAIN, Micronutrient Initiatives, Nutrition International, CARE, Bangladesh Center for Communication Program, USAID funded projects, Nielsen etc.

Worked as Country USI Associate of GAIN in Bangladesh and was responsible for implementation of Food Fortification and Nutrition program of GAIN in Bangladesh, especially on country’s Universal Salt Iodization Program in close coordination with UNICEF as a partner of Global Salt Iodization Program and also with Micronutrient Initiatives (MI) (now at Nutrition International Canada). He has also worked in Edible Oil Fortification of Vitamin A Project under the Ministry of Industries (MOI) as additional responsibility including representation of GAIN Bangladesh in different forum like Nutrition Working Group (NWG), SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA) and other nutrition related Government and private sectors organization for positioning GAIN in Bangladesh. Wahid as an active member of NWG and SUN CSA Alliance as GAIN representative for Bangladesh and participated in many seminars and workshop to formulate joint implementation plan in close connection with UN Agencies and Development Organization under the umbrella of SUN CSA in Bangladesh.

Wahid is an internationally trained expert on health and nutrition. He successfully completed several courses including the prestigious Food Fortification Technical Experts Training Course at International Agricultural Centre in Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He graduated in Science from University of Dhaka. He participated in many local and international research seminars and workshops on nutrition.

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