Why Choose Us?

We will gather and organize both the information and the knowledge you need to make the best decisions possible to guide informed actions, leading to positive results. Our people work for your success. We bring a unique blend of research and evaluation rigor, and program expertise having global outlook with local sensitivity.

  • We are able to offer Canadian quality work at cost-effective Asian price points
  • Specialized in both the quantitative and qualitative research approaches that provide you trustworthy results
  • Quick turnaround time for any of your tasks
  • Regular feed back to you at all stages of the studies
  • Actionable research analysis and recommendations strongly grounded to the local reality and sensitivity
  • Focused on goals and ideas across diverse cultures and countries
  • Strong presence in emerging Asian markets, and support in North America, and well prepared for contingency and risk management
  • A wide network of scholars, government leaders, NGO’s and business leaders across NA and Asia
  • Principals and Associates among the most experienced researchers, analysts, writers, and thought leaders in Asia and North America.
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