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The Overlooked Half of the Research Business

There are two types of research: (1) Future research that tries to find out what consumers are likely to do, and (2) Past research that finds out what consumers already have done. Naturally, the research industry is almost totally focused on the future. at’s where the money is. Companies are willing to spend huge amounts to get the answers to what products to launch at what prices in what markets. What is amazing to me is how many companies ignore ..

The Six Sigma Way: Powerful and Smarter Solutions for Sustained Business Success

Today we are not that interested to know “How to succeed in business?” rather “How do we sustain and stay successful in the competitive world of business?” The business entrepreneurs desperately keen to know about it from the market researchers and business leaders. The 30-second elevator speech from a BPI Black Belt would be “Follow the Six Sigma way – a powerful strategy for changing business performance and sustaining success.”

An exclusive interview with Professor Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler – An emblematic name in modern marketing! He doesn’t need introduction, yet we feelpride to reprise that not only he authored over 55 books and many articles, he is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, been consultant to many big corporate giants but an eminent and most sought speaker in today’s competitive era.

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