Privacy And Data

ResInt Commitment to privacy, ethical considerations and data protection

Research Ethical Consideration

ResInt is committed to protecting the rights and confidentiality of the respondents. In order to respect their rights, we obtain oral and written consent from them before conducting any detailed interviews. We provide them with accurate information about the purpose of the study, the information required, the benefits of participating, and the confidentiality that will be maintained. During the interviews, we give respondents the freedom to express themselves openly and honestly.

To facilitate proper understanding on the part of the respondents, the consent forms are prepared in English and/or local languages, using simple and clear statements. Regarding confidentiality, the respondents are clearly told that the information they provide during the interviews will be kept strictly confidential and that the data will be used for research purposes only. ResInt follows ethical standards approved by ResInt Canada, including freedom of participation and withdrawal, non-discrimination in respondent selection, multicultural values, and mutual dignity and respect.

Client Confidentiality

ResInt is committed to maintaining client’s confidentiality. In keeping with standard industry practice, the client’s identity shall not be revealed to field supervisors, interviewers, or respondents, in order to minimize bias.  Further, the client’s identity, details of the project, and the survey results shall not be revealed to outside parties (e.g., media, academic or government) at any point before, during or after completion of the project without the express written permission of the client.

Data Protection Protocols

ResInt has a detailed institutional protocol to ensure the confidentiality of data. ResInt provides its clients with information on its protocols related to how data is stored, the destruction schedules for data, and access restrictions. ResInt never shares any personally identifiable information with any third party.

Conflicts of Interest

ResInt ensures all employees and contractors (logistics suppliers) involved in a particular project are free of conflicts of interest. All employees and contractors are required to disclose any real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest immediately. If circumstances warrant, ResInt may disclose to the client a real, potential, or perceived conflict of interest to determine the significance of the conflict prior to a final determination or action.

Do No Harm Principles

ResInt incorporates “do no harm” practices into the planning, implementation, and follow through of each project.  ResInt takes all conceivable and practical steps to avoid exposing its own personnel, participants in our research, and their communities to additional risks throughout our work. This applies to the conduct of our research, to the period following data collection, and after the completion of the research including any publication, dissemination, or sharing of data, analysis, reports, or presentations.