About Us

ResInt has emerged as a unique research organization delivering custom research to meet clients’ specific needs. With global experience, we operate in most of the nations in Asia, and we are growing. We stand out because of our team, which includes some of the most highly skilled researchers, analysts and thought leaders in the field. We bring a unique blend of research and analysis, along with program expertise with genuine local sensitivity.

We collaborate with think tanks, academics, and program visionaries to help our clients design, implement, and assess programs.

We assist companies, donors, and not-for-profit agencies to complete their projects by providing critical quantitative and qualitative research and analysis at all stages of the project cycle. Some of our key services include:

  • Monitoring and evaluation services
  • Research solutions in programs & interventions
  • Polling and associated research and insights
  • Market, media, and consumer research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Implementing Business process improvements
  • Proposing and executing a sustainable business strategy


We cater to clients’ needs by providing them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions at every stage of a program. Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art research services that generate actionable insights and recommendations to assist our clients in achieving their goals.


The Thought

Information is infinite and random. Knowledge is cumulative and orderly; it leads to decisions and actions. Our promise to you, the Client, is to help you to organize both the information and the knowledge you need to make the best possible decisions to guide informed actions and lead to positive results. Our team is committed to your success.

The Goal

To offer superior quality research and analysis at a competitive price that suits a client’s budget, without compromising quality.

The Reality

ResInt engages top Asian, Canadian, American, and European researchers, analysts, and subject matter experts for each survey, opinion poll, exploratory study, and M&E initiative that we conduct. We invest our resources in people, not bricks and mortar.

We carry out research and consultancy while maintaining the highest ethical standard, ensuring sensitivity and respect toward all stakeholders in the process. We ensure our contracted experts have no conflict-of-interest issues. We consider each research issue in its unique context, and design studies and data collection tools and methods taking into account the ethno-cultural sensitivities.

As a registered Canadian company, we are compliant for the quality of our work under the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

Think Tank

ResInt Research Review

ResInt Research Review is an annual research journal of ResInt Canada, managed by CARES – a think tank of ResInt Inc. Canada. The journal publishes articles, cases, and reviews by leading academics, researchers, and business thought leaders working in the areas of, but not limited to, marketing, research, strategy, and leadership.


Consortium for Asian Research and Evaluation Solutions (CARES)

ResInt administers the Consortium for Asian Research and Evaluation Solutions (CARES) – a think tank, supporting a community of Asian and North American researchers dedicated to carrying out research and evaluations on socio-economic development projects in Asia.