QUANTITATIVE APPROACHOne stop services for allQuantitative methodology is the dominant research framework in the social sciences. It refers to a set of strategies, techniques and assumptions used to study psychological, social and economic processes through the exploration of numeric patterns. Quantitative research gathers a range of numeric data. Some of the numeric data is intrinsically quantitative (e.g. personal income), while in other cases the numeric structure is imposed. The ResInt team has expertise carrying out following types of qualitative approaches:converting observations to a numeric valuehypotheses testing using statistical testsusing charts, bar-graphs to explain findingsnarrating the numerical relationshipsRead More
QUALITATIVE RESEARCHOne stop services for allQualitative research is gaining popularity among business managers, as compared to large-scale surveys. It involves the collection and analysis of non-numerical data to understand deeply rooted behavioral issues, such as concepts, opinions, attitudes, values, and experiences, to capture deeper insights into the problem or generate innovative ideas for decision-making and research. The ResInt team has expertise carrying out following types of qualitative approaches:Individual Depth InterviewsFocus Group DiscussionCase Studies, ObservationEthnographic ResearchParticipatory Rural AppraisalRead More
OUR PROCESSBefore carrying out any research projects for a client, a ResInt researcher prepares and finalizes the proposal, which includes a detailed design and implementation plan. Research design is the overall strategy used to execute a research project. It outlines a logical roadmap to answer research questions by addressing the research problem, questions, objectives, and/or hypotheses, and implementing the processes of data collection, processing, interpretation, analysis, presentation, and discussion of findings.Read More
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Expertise In All Aspects Of Research ...

ResInt carry out research and consultancy maintaining the highest ethical standard, with sensitivity and respect to all stakeholders in the process.

We ensure our contracted experts have no conflict of interest issues. We consider each research issue in its unique context, and design studies and data collection tools and methods considering the ethno-cultural sensitivities. As a registered Canadian company, we are compliant for the quality of our work under the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

The Thought

Information is infinite and random. Knowledge is cumulative and orderly; it leads to decisions, and actions. Our promise to you, the Client, is to help you to organize both the information..

The Goal

To offer superior quality research and analysis at a competitive price that suits a client’s budget, without compromising quality.

The Reality

ResInt engages top Asian, Canadian, American and European researchers, analysts, and program and subject specialists for each survey, opinion poll, exploratory studies, and M&E initiatives.

Why ResInt?

We will gather and organize the information and knowledge you need to make informed decisions that lead to positive results. Our team is dedicated to your success and brings a unique blend of research and evaluation rigor, along with program expertise that has a global outlook and local sensitivity.

ResInt has emerged as a unique research organization delivering custom research to meet clients’ specific needs. With global experience, we operate in most of the nations in Asia, and we are growing. We stand out because the core team includes some of the most highly skilled researchers, analysts and thought leaders. 

We collaborate with think tanks, academics, and program visionaries to help our clients design, implement, and assess programs. We assist companies, donors, and not-for-profit agencies to complete their projects by providing critical quantitative and qualitative research and analysis at all stages of the project cycle. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) are a priority to us.

We are able to offer Canadian quality work at cost-effective Asian price. Specialized in both the quantitative and qualitative research approaches that provide you trustworthy results.

Quick turnaround time for any of your tasks. Regular feed back to you at all stages of the studies. 

Actionable research analysis and recommendations strongly grounded to the local reality and sensitivity, Focused on goals and ideas across diverse cultures and countries.

Strong presence in emerging Asian markets, and support in North America, and well prepared for contingency and risk management.

A wide network of scholars, government leaders, NGO’s and business leaders across NA and Asia.

Principals and Associates among the most experienced researchers, analysts, writers, and thought leaders in Asia and North America.

We are a concerted team of researchers, surveyors, analysts, statisticians and business process experts with extensive local and international expertise, helping our clients to make action-based decisions

Core services...

  • Social Research
  • Health, Demography
  • Nutrition, HIV – AIDS
  • Gender & Women, Children
  • Education/Literacy
  • Poverty & Economics
  • Disaster Management
  • SME Research
  • Media Insight
  • Communication
  • Media Habit
  • Advertising
  • Media Mix Evaluation
  • Governance, Security & Safety
  • Corruption, Election Monitoring
  • Exit Polls, Opinion Polls
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • New Product, Development
  • Concept Testing, B2B, B2C
  • Usage & Attitude
  • Pricing, Brand/Branding
  • Brand Health, Retail & Shopper


we serve

  • Market and Global Sustainability
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Opinion Poll
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Academic Institutions and Education Programs
Market and Global Sustainability

The business world is continuously changing and both human nature and behavior have evolved based on the many changes in world dynamics. This has created a new demand and supply situation to cater human needs and desires. Marketing experts must come up with newer innovations.

Business leaders and marketers often need to gather evidence-based information for reducing risk in managerial decision-making. They need information (more commonly used term “data”), through systematic inquiry on a variety of business essentials, which evolves constantly around the customers and consumers. Understanding the buying and usage behavior of consumers is essential, including their satisfaction, acceptance, and even their rejections. It is also important to understand their knowledge, attitude, practice and behavior (KAPB) regarding products or services.

Market research is not only for business students and academics, but also for all professionals and non-professionals. It is for those who value learning and wish to keep updated with knowledge about the ever-changing world dynamics. This also helps them to improve their own lives and keep fit for survival 24/7. It is an essential component in generating ideas and knowledge about products and services. Research benefits business and it is a means to understand issues and increase public awareness. In today’s world, all successful companies invest in research and development.

ResInt has a strong base of carrying out projects since 2000. Prior to initiating ResInt, Dr. Khalid Hasan worked for Nielsen in Canada and South Asia in different senior management roles. He lead the team of young researchers and solving problems to many Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Coke, Pepsi, P&G, Kraft and many more.

Khalid is also involved with various programs working for global sustainable strategy, creating a better world for our future generations.

Health and Nutrition

As we know, health and nutrition go parallel. Nutrition is an integral part of health promotion and disease prevention. The government, the NGOs and the donors require quality data extensively to run their programs and projects. ResInt has expertise in carrying out research projects and collecting information from many disciplines, including agriculture and farming, health and hygiene, food habit, malnutrition, anthropology, health economics, epidemiology, etc.

 The major clients are government and health ministries, Nutrition International, GAIN, UNICEF, Cornell University, Feed the Future Project of USAID, World Bank, Sight and Life Switzerland, DAI (USA), CARE International, Friendship, Plan International etc.

Opinion Poll

Opinion polls are becoming extremely important and complex as well. It tells us what proportion of a population has a specific viewpoint on certain issues or topics. The findings can be a million dollar answer to a candidate or party before the parliamentary election. An opinion poll, sometimes simply referred to as a poll, is designed to collect opinions on political issues such as candidates, parties, and willingness to vote from a particular sample. Similarly, an exit poll -- another technique which is widely used during an election -- seeks to understand the views of the voters taken immediately after they have exited the polling stations. Polling is a social science. It is not like physics or chemistry or even any other market research. Voters are different from any consumers. Their votes are linked with their deep rooted faiths, beliefs and expectations. Also linked with fear and uncertainties. Voters want to bring to reality these hopes and aspirations, safeties and securities, happiness and comforts! Not just for themselves but for their children too.

Dr. Khalid Hasan, the CEO of ResInt Canada, is one of the leading pollsters. He carried out successful polls for US State Department, US Government, World Bank, USAID, and other governments, for two decades. Recently he worked as the team leader in a few public opinion surveys in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Government and Public Sector

The government and different organizations working in the public sector face continuous pressures to deliver better services to their citizens, from seamless digital services to traditional service delivery system especially in the developing world and to address rapidly changing societal challenges, demand and services. This sector face more challenges from the donors and World Bank, meeting the compliances, such as MDGs, SDGs etc.

ResInt has a pool of world standard experts and public sector consultants to evaluate different projects and programs. The major clients include the various governments, UN organizations, USAID, Global Affairs Canada, DFID, World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc. ResInt effectively collects opinion and sentiment data from hard-to-reach geographies and censored areas.

Academic Institutions and Education Programs

ResInt is proud to have a world renowned academician and researcher Professor Saad Andaleeb in its Advisory Board. Professor Andaleeb is a distinguished professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University in the US, former faculty member of the IBA, Dhaka University. He wrote many books and articles on improving the education sector, especially in the developing world. His areas of research covers mental health of the students, literacy, research methodology etc.

ResInt has carried out research projects on evaluating educational projects for international organizations and universities. Recently ResInt evaluated the performance and management issues of one of the leading business and journalism institutes in South Asia. ResInt has expertise in designing research protocol, thesis, or research paper and collecting data and reviewing literatures. Academic research databases make it easy to locate the literature you are looking for. We have trusted academic resources to help our clients get started on solving the problems.

ResInt adopts rigorous and well-defined scientific processes in order to gather and analyze data for problem-solving and knowledge advancement, especially in the academic sector. We also monitors the programs and provides mid-term review report to the clients, including donors.

Meet our Guru

It is our great honor and pleasure to announce that Professor Philip Kotler has given his consent to be our Chief Advisor of the Board. Philip Kotler an U.S. Citizen is recognized as a stalwart in marketing, popularly known as the Marketing Guru worldwide!

He is author, consultant, and professor currently at S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He gave the defnition of marketing mix. Philip’s accomplishments are many, with the most well-known being the Guru of marketing management for 50 years! His frst book – Principles of Marketing published in the 1960’s, which is a landmark in the feld of marketing and is still the iconic book that enlightened thousand of students and business leaders across the globe. Every single one of his ideas became standard operating procedure for the marketing profession.

Our Presence

ResInt Canada a full service market and social research firm specialized in multi-country research. Head quartered in Toronto, ResInt has operations in North America and South Asia. ResInt consists of ResInt Canada, and its eleven fully affiliated subsidiaries/ partners separately incorporated for operations in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines. We also have a research partner in Afghanistan. ResInt has field operation partner in Nairobi, Kenya; representing Africa.

We specialized in …

Project Formation

ResInt researchers follow all the appropriate processes as required for the formation of the projects, which include project design, preliminary or exploratory research, proposal development and editing services. ResInt team is capable of formulating various elements required during different stages of project formation such as feasibility analysis, techno-economic analysis, project design, input analysis, financial analysis, social cost benefit analysis and project appraisal.

Project Implementation

Project implementation is the systematic process of putting a project design (plan) into action and thereby delivering the planned outcome (deliverables in the form of products or services), for the clients or stakeholders. During the implementation phase, ResInt carries out quantitative and qualitative research which include rapid situation assessment studies, baseline surveys, formative studies, and behavior change communication (BCC) studies. We offer a full spectrum of tools and techniques including focus groups, key informant interviews, PRA, RRA, one on one in-depth interviews, observation, and desk research.

Project Evaluation

It is a systematic and objective assessment of any ongoing or completed project. ResInt experts assist the clients to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. It includes monitoring and evaluation (M&E), media analysis and editorial services. Different types of evaluation are process, impact, outcome and summative evaluation. Clients may also require mid-term assessment of the project.

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We cater to clients’ needs for informed decision making at every stage of a program and to provide state of the art research services to generate actionable insights and recommendations.

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