The Magic Word Pretium

Publications The Magic Word Pretium Hermann Simon On a recent trip to Rome I visited the Colosseum. I was once again amazed at the astounding skills of the Romans. Shortly therea er, I came across further evidence of the intellect. Although I learned Latin in school, I had forgotten the Latin word for price. .. […]

The Six Sigma Way

Publications The Six Sigma Way: Powerful and Smarter Solutions for Sustained Business Success Khalid Hasan PhD Today we are not that interested to know “How to succeed in business?” rather “How do we sustain and stay successful in the competitive world of business?” The business entrepreneurs desperately keen to know about it from the market […]

The Overlooked Half of the Research Business

Publications The Overlooked Half of the Research Business AL RIES There are two types of research: (1) Future research that tries to nd out what consumers are likely to do, and (2) Past research that nds out what consumers already have done.Naturally, the research industry is almost totally focused on the future. at’s where the […]