ResInt Bangladesh

At ResInt we always believe in solving a research problem in a systematic manner and not to be bogged down by any pre-conceived ideas. We believe method of data collection depends on the source of information and the kind of information we are seeking from the source. This rigor is practiced at all levels from top to bottom of ResInt. We do not start a research with the idea that we need qualitative research or survey. Rather we start with defining the problem and the corresponding research questions to be answered to solve the research problem. Once this has been finalized, things fall in place and it becomes easier to decide whether to conduct survey or PRA or FGD or in-depth interview, or secondary research or a mixed bag.

A Dedicated Research Team

  • 20+ years of social and market research experience
  • On the ground experience in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
  • North American experience – Canada and USA
  • Sectors – market, health, education, agriculture, water sanitation, rural development and poverty alleviation & microfinance
  • Worked with government, Donors, UN, NGOs & Civil Society
  • Multidisciplinary team – Business Administration, Anthropology, Sociology, Demography, Statistics, Economics, Rural Management

Research Studies Done

  • Exploratory/Diagnostic Research
  • Field Intervention Study
  • Market Research (Customer, Product, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution)
  • Social Assessment
  • Stakeholders’ Analysis
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal
  • Case study
  • Operations Research
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Media and Audience Research

Team - Bangladesh