ResInt India

India is one of the biggest business hubs in the world now. With a population of over a billion people, the world’s largest democracy has new companies developing in every corner of the country. The country offers huge variety of products and attractions, with diverse range of food, clothes, tourism sites, and rituals, which is the result of the country’s different states with different ethnicities and groups with different languages and cultures.

India has developed great educational institutions which produces more intellectual minds in the workforce. India has also developed huge companies and organizations in the last few decades, which makes the country a strong competitor in the world.

ResInt aims to nurture and improve this growth in India with its extensive research methods and expertise. ResInt has a strong research partner in New Delhi. The team works on the core areas:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative research
  • Market research
  • Social Research
  • Opinion Polls
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

Team - India